Product Profile
Omnitec Tripod PASS-107 Motorized Pedestrian Control Gate

Omnitec Tripod PASS-107 Motorized Pedestrian Control Gate

  • Supplier: Omnitec Security Systems
  • Region: United Arabia Emirates (uae)
  • Updated: 2013/07/09
Product Specifications
  • The Pass-107 is a motorized electronic gate in which the necessity of raw materials like steel and plasmate cristal of the typical Italian style make it particularly elegant and able to make it sober and at the same time safe for any entrance. It is a control system of access made from two or more machine bodies which through ther sliding movement of permanent cristals allows the opening and closing of the passage.

    This electronic speed gate can be configure to a larger passage versions and obtainable for the standard disabled law, extendable machine bodies for the functioning with open shutters and variable height of the cristal to increase the phisical security of the passage.

    * Predisposition for the introduction of systems of recognition such as badge, proximity free hands, biometric etc.
    * Lateral brushes made in finely shaped stainless steel
    * Sliding doors in tempered crystal
    * Upper covers made in shockproof, scratch proof material and painted with a glossy smooth Ral 9007 shade
    * Led indicators for semaphoric signs
    * Antiqueue control through infrared sensors
    * Security photocell
    * Lateral brushes made in crystal
    * Upper covers in wood, marble and stainless steel (optional)
    * Comand console with interphone implant (optional)
    * Vocal synthesis communication to transit users (optional)