Product Profile
Digital Networks ADAB-1400-L/M/R Swing Barrier Turnstile

Digital Networks ADAB-1400-L/M/R Swing Barrier Turnstile

  • Supplier: Digital Networks
  • Region: United Arabia Emirates (uae)
  • Updated: 2013/07/09
Product Specifications
  • ADAB-1400L/R/M swing barrier is a ideal product for wide scope application of access control ,attendance ,electronic ticket application.It's suit for airport, subway, railway station, library, theater, factory, enterprise, Exhibition Center, stadiums, tourist attractions,etc.

    * Using AISI-304 drawbench stainless steel trunk, excellent and dependable design.
    * Using 24V/30W brush direct current motor,special technics for the core
    * Optional long length box, optional swing arms material
    * Smooth performance and low noise.
    * Self-examine and alarms, convenient for maintain.
    * Can be programmed by the inner button of the main box.
    * With a standard electric interface,individuate installation interface(convenient for integrating the card read/wirte equipment),can be controlled by computer.
    * With clear access direction,standard double-way reader installation windows. Optional double-way access direction or single pass,the other forbid direction.