Product Profile
Gunnebo SpeedStile FL Speed Gate

Gunnebo SpeedStile FL Speed Gate

  • Supplier: Gunnebo
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2013/07/09
Product Specifications
  • This speed gate product provides a high design finish together with effective security features. Large range of possible personalisation and options. Proven technology for fast and reliable operation. The small footprint makes the SpeedStile FL the preferred solution for site where security and high flow rate in a limited space is required. Its glass and stainless steel design allows it to incorporate into most areas and helps minimise the barrier effect.

    * In the event of a power failure, the panels will remain in the current position and they can be pushed freely in the exit or evacuation direction. The wings can also be powered to the open position with the use of its internal battery back-up system (option). For the fire alarm, an input facility is available for voltage free contact supplied by others to effect fail state.
    * 50mm diameter LED display status lights flush mounted within the lid top surface with green arrow, red cross and green card illuminated symbols.
    * RS232 and RS 485 serial interface available on the master logic panel.
    * 230 Vac 50Hz or 115 Vac 60Hz (on demand), Power rating 300VA (stand by 120VA)
    * +5°C to +40°C (RH 95% not condensing) / IP20 / 1M cycles
    * Insertion type reader: 20 passage-per-minute.