Product Profile
Perey GlassLane Turnstiles

Perey GlassLane Turnstiles

  • Supplier: Perey Turnstiles
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/07/09
Product Specifications
  • Perey GlassLane Turnstile panels are withdrawn into the cabinets WHILE pivoting thus getting safely out of the way into elegantly slim cabinets quickly and quietly.

    Like all of Perey bi-parting barrier Turnstiles, this model has one or two passage barring panels that allow or prevent passage. An array of optical sensors monitors the passageway and provides optical-turnstile alarm functionality. Once the barrier has dropped out of the passageway, the unit becomes a completely functional optical turnstile.

    Perey have often found that since Optical Turnstiles do not have barriers, the timing of when alarms are triggered and the pattern of traffic flow has a far greater impact on Optical Turnstile use than they have on Tripod Turnstile use (when there is a barrier people tend to be sure they are allowed to pass through long before they are in the turnstile’s passageway).

    By adding glass panels, the GlassLane Turnstile provides a compromise between the greater security of a tripod turnstile and the openness of an optical turnstile.

    * Uni-Directional Operation
    * Bi-Directional Operation
    * Remote “Lockout” Of One Or Both Directions
    * Unauthorized Entry Alarm Local and Remote
    * Unauthorized Exit Alarm Local and Remote
    * Piggy Backing Alarm Local and Remote
    * Package Only Entry Alarm Local and Remote
    * Package Only Exit Alarm Local and Remote
    * Slow Travel Alarm Local and Remote
    * Walk Away Alarm Local and Remote
    * Crawl Alarm Local and Remote