Product Profile
EyeLock EyeSwipe-Nano TS Iris Biometric Turnstile Solution

EyeLock EyeSwipe-Nano TS Iris Biometric Turnstile Solution

  • Supplier: EyeLock
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/07/08
Product Specifications
  • EyeSwipe-Nano TS is an advanced iris biometric turnstile solution, providing real-time iris capture, at-a-distance and in motion. It has been engineered to meet the needs of a turnstile or other rapid-throughput environment and features a broad capture range for enhanced ease-of-use at high speeds. The EyeSwipe-Nano TS includes an integrated card reader to support legacy users and smooth transition to iris-based technology.

    As with all EyeLock identity authentication solutions, when you purchase the EyeSwipe-Nano TS you also receive our enrollment, admin and matching software including a per unit license for unlimited users. We have architected the hardware and software, to seamlessly integrate with all industry standard access control platforms. Like all EyeLock identity management hardware, EyeSwipe-Nano TS is algorithm agnostic and can be coupled with any algorithms, and existing databases.

    * Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+)
    * Ability to store 50,000 records in memory (larger databases supported remotely over network)
    * Enrollment & Matching “On Board”
    * Video Based Iris Capture
    * Integrated card reader supports HID Prox or MiFare and other common formats
    * Connects via Wiegand, F/2/F, Relay and Ethernet for simple integration with all existing platforms