Product Profile
LG IrisAccess 4000 Recognition Platform

LG IrisAccess 4000 Recognition Platform

  • Supplier: Iris ID
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/07/08
Product Specifications
  • Iris ID iCAM 4000 is the third generation of the worlds number one deployed iris recognition platform. Offering increased application versatility and integration flexibility, enrollment and recognition is easier than ever. Intuitive visual user interface enables users to quickly position themselves for enrollment or recognition as images of both ayes are captured virtually simultaneously. Audio prompts improve speed of enrollment and recognition performance while motor-driven auto-tilt mechanism makes adjusting the camera for proper height a simple one touch of a finger proposition. Whats more, every model of the IrisAccess 4000 contains a camera supported by dedicated illumination that makes badging for credentialing a snap.

    * Intuitive visual user interface Audio prompts for enrollment and recognition
    * Motor-driven auto-tilt mechanism adjusts the camera for proper height
    * Camera supported by dedicated illumination for credentialing
    * Authentication options for left, right, either or both eyes
    * Iris recognition can be used with or without cards or pins. Smart card readers can be internal or external.
    * Each iCAM and each ICU4000-W require a static IP address.
    * Can be run to a network switch.
    * iCAMs can be combined with smart card readers or prox readers.
    * Smart card readers can be embedded in the iCAMs