Product Profile
HRS MVerify

HRS MVerify

  • Supplier: Human Recognition Systems
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2013/07/03
Product Specifications
  • MVerify provides guaranteed attendance data capture for every student with no impact to the teaching session. This reduces the on-going administration of the attendance information as neither the lecturer nor an administrator have to collate data to generate attendance reports. MVerify manages and reports against all attendance data and can be integrated into your Student Information System (SIS) or stand-alone to report on absence against specific rules.

    MVerify is a versatile, identity registration platform which enables education institutions to accurately record and monitor the attendance of their students as required for auditing and regulatory compliance.

    * Delivery of an enterprise-wide biometric student attendance monitoring system consisting of over 30 mobile biometric devices across a range of campuses.
    * First solution of its kind to offer a truly mobile enrolment and identification capability; leveraging robust handheld touchscreen devices with integrated fingerprint recognition technology. This is ideal for the classroom environment to quickly capture student attendance without impacting the teaching session.