Product Profile
Grosvenor Intelligent Door Controller

Grosvenor Intelligent Door Controller

  • Supplier: Grosvenor Technology
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2013/06/18
Product Specifications
  • The IDC provides all of the I/O required for 2 x single-reader doors or a single door with dual readers. In addition the IDC offers 6 x additional inputs and 4 x change-over relay outputs for general system use, plus a separate tamper point for the panel enclosure.

    Intelligent Door Controllers (IDC-485’s) can be connected together with up to 32 x IDC and/or IPC nodes to form a JANUS comms line.

    2 or 4-wire data-cabling interconnects the RS485 IDC’s which in turn connect directly to the JANUS main PC/server via an ethernet or USB line header.

    Any number of JANUS access RS485 comms lines can be installed and no matter how large or small the system, the comms line header (USB or Ethernet) is the only variant in the system design. USB converters require a USB port of which there are 3 spare on a Site Controller.

    The IDCe is an ethernet ready controller that does not require a comms line header or interconnecting wiring between the IDCe nodes.

    Each board employs its own TCP/IP address and connects directly onto a LAN or WAN via an IP-switch and the on-board RJ45 ethernet adaptor.

    * 2 x readers with PIN – 1 or 2 door configuration
    * Additional 6 x alarm inputs & 4 x relay outputs
    * 12,000 card holders at controller (basic memory). 65,000 with ext. memory. (Reduce numbers by half if using User-Defined PIN’s)
    * Real-time processing at door 2.5A power supply with battery back-up
    * 1A @12Vdc is available per lock from the IDC
    * Local LED and sounder outputs
    * Memory buffer whilst off-line 4,000 events)
    * Upgrade flash whilst system is working