Product Profile
Digifort Professional

Digifort Professional

  • Supplier: Digifort
  • Region: Brazil
  • Updated: 2013/06/17
Product Specifications
  • The Professional version provides the best resources for local and remote monitoring of up to 64 cameras per server, making it ideal for small, medium and large facilities, to ensure a robust installation, high reliability and excellent performance at a cost compatible with the features offered.

    * Client / Server Architecture and Multi-Task.
    * Can be operated with analogue cameras simultaneously from IPs that are connected to the TCP / IP directly or through a Video Server.
    * Supports 64 cameras and 06 boards I / O ethernet server.
    * Allows two or more processors sharing the tasks of the software to increase performance.
    * Supports various models of IP cameras, video servers and DVRs.
    * Allows remote access, unlimited connections per server.
    * Allows viewing of cameras from different servers on the same screen.
    * You can use any image resolution (1280x1024 Just above), if the camera supports.
    * Has Streaming Multi system, which allows live monitoring of the recording with different configurations.
    * Allows storage and transmission of images in MJPEG and MPEG4, WAVELET, H.263 and H.264.
    * Allows simultaneous operations such as recording, playback and export video, system configuration, live monitoring, query events, image search server monitoring and various other tasks.
    * Supports server architecture Master / Slave