Product Profile
n-tree LOX 300 BASIC Locker System

n-tree LOX 300 BASIC Locker System

  • Supplier: n-tree Solutions
  • Region: Austria
  • Updated: 2013/08/29
Product Specifications
  • LOX 300 BASIC is a battery operated locker system for changing room lockers, safety deposit boxes, ski lockers etc. and is the modern alternative to mechanical locks and coin or card operated locks. The system operates with no mechanical keys. The locker is opened and closed directly using the door with the aid of a touch-free data carrier. The LOX 300 BASIC consequently puts an end to the costly maintenance of ordinary mechanical locks (key copying, cylinders, etc.). This means significantly more comfort for both operators and users. Trouble caused by the loss or theft of a card or chip wristband can be rectified immediately, simply by reprogramming.

    This technology is primarily used in swimming pools and fitness facilities with cash-free payment systems. In facilities like this, the card is no longer just a simple aid to access and identification. At the till, the visitor is given a data carrier which is used as a ticket, electronic wallet and locker key. This gives the guest free access to all services without needing cash or other means of payment.

    LOX 300 BASIC is an offline system, which means that every lock works completely independently. This allows it to be installed without the cost of cabling and means that it is ideal for retrofitting to existing mechanical locker systems.