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AMAG Symmetry SR Controllers

AMAG Symmetry SR Controllers

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Product Specifications
  • Utilizing pluggable backplane architecture, the SR series provides a high-density solution for up to 16 doors in a compact enclosure. This form factor is ideal for upgrading legacy equipment to a state-of-the art Symmetry solution. Fully interoperable with the multiNODE M2150 and EN series of controllers, the SR series provides distributed intelligence for your access control system and ensures complete system security, resilience and reliability. When integrated with Symmetry Security Management Software, the SR range delivers a seamless security management system to protect all types of facilities while maintaining a low cost of ownership.

    At the core of every SR series installation is the SR-DBU, an intelligent controller with built in database and support for plug-in modules supporting up to 16 card readers. Expansion of the system is simple using plug-in door controllers and input/output modules. Expansion beyond 16 doors is achieved by installing additional SR cabinets as required, providing solutions that can scale up to an unlimited number of doors. Each SR-DBU can manage 150,000cardholders, but there is no limit to the number of cardholders a system can support.

    The Symmetry SR Series provides a resilient and fault tolerant access control solution that will continue to operate in the unlikely event of database server or network infrastructure failure. All configuration and badge information needed for operation is stored in non-volatile memory on the SR-DBU, ensuring that even in the event of a total loss of power the system will return to full operation as soon as power is restored.

    * High-density solution for access control retrofits
    * Connects to Symmetry Security Management Software via LAN, WAN, RS232 or Modem
    * NIST certified AES (128 or 256 bit) encrypted communications to Symmetry
    * Modular mix and match configuration using plug-in circuit boards
    * Connect smart card, proximity, or legacy magstripe card readers
    * Onboard support for up to 8 Wiegand card readers when using SR-DC2 modules
    * Support for serial- connected chains of up to 8 SR-DBU’s – minimize consumption of network resources