Product Profile
Gantner GAT Lock 5010 F Electronic Lock

Gantner GAT Lock 5010 F Electronic Lock

  • Supplier: Gantner Technologies
  • Region: Austria
  • Updated: 2013/06/06
Product Specifications
  • The GAT Lock 5010 F is the ideal solution for the convenient electronic locking of wardrobe lockers in fitness clubs, baths, golf resorts, and other individual company applications such as safes. The identification at the GAT Lock 5010 F is carried out via contactless RFID data carriers (Radio Frequency Identification). The GAT Lock 5010 F is suitable for any kind of locker material (steel sheets, wood, HPL, fully synthetic materials, or glass) and is useable for doors that open to the left or right. The various operating modes enable the rather flexible use of these locks.

    Lockers can be electronically locked and opened via contactless data carriers with the GAT Lock 5010 F. The user presses the door shut and holds the data carrier up to the reader centre that is mounted on the door. The locking of the door is signalled by an LED. The GAT Lock 5010 F is connected to the GAT Lock Controller 5010 FX unit (up to 16 locks per control unit).

    * Online and offline operation
    * Burglary attempt surveillance
    * Remote opening via central computer
    * Free and personal locker selection
    * Selectable operating mode
    * Reliable data transmission between the reader and data carrier
    * Easy retrofitting of lockers already in place
    * Automatic night opening