Product Profile
Everbridge Mass Notification

Everbridge Mass Notification

  • Supplier: Everbridge
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/06/05
Product Specifications
  • Everbridge Mass Notification enables users to send notifications to individuals or groups using lists, locations, and visual intelligence. This comprehensive notification system keeps everyone informed before, during and after all events whether emergency or non-emergency.

    * Intelligent, personalized message delivery is about targeting the individual and not the device. Escalation follows the order of contact preference designated by the recipient and stops once the recipient confirms receipt. 
    * GIS-based message targeting to quickly and easily send messages to recipients in a specific geographic region defined by zip code, street address, radius from a specific point, or other attribute. Specify a location with user-friendly drawing tools or even upload shape files from other applications for on-the-fly notifications to targeted geographic areas. 
    * Support for up to 13 contact paths is included, providing flexibility in broadcasting messages to virtually any communications device in addition to supporting escalation workflow throughout the organization. 
    * Build events for one-click sending during incidents. Set up notification templates with pre-determined contact lists and pre-defined messages for faster communications in a crisis. 
    * Quickly resend notifications to recipients, or send follow up messages to all or a sub-set of recipients for tracking within the same incident or event. 
    *  Flexible call-throttling capabilities empower system administrators to configure rules based on their infrastructure’s capacity.