Product Profile
Cooper SAFEPATH Mass Notification System

Cooper SAFEPATH Mass Notification System

  • Supplier: Cooper Industries
  • Region: Ireland Rep.
  • Updated: 2013/07/04
Product Specifications
  • Compliant with the latest Mass Notification System (MNS) codes and standards, UL 2572 and NFPA 72 2010, Cooper Notification's SAFEPATH MNS integrates with a facility's addressable fire alarm system (FAS) for a complete In-Building MNS solution that performs both fire alarm and emergency communications functions. It provides personnel and building occupants with intelligible live and pre-recorded voice messages that communicate what to do in response to an emergency.

    * One Supervised, Multi-Function, Voice Fire Alarm/Emergency Communications System
    * Built in power for visual notification appliances e.g., Strobes
    * Controls audio and visual notification appliances for both fire and MNS
    * Voice speakers can be used for both fire and emergency communication applications
    * Reports trouble and supervisory signal for both the FAS and MNS