Product Profile
Polon-Alfa PM 1703T Contraband Detector

Polon-Alfa PM 1703T Contraband Detector

  • Supplier: Polon-Alfa
  • Region: Poland
  • Updated: 2013/06/04
Product Specifications
  • The PM-1703T contraband detector is designed for detection of contraband of drugs, cigars and other materials hidden inside of different vehicles, trucks, carriages and other objects. It is done because of detection of changes in density of the materials hidden inside of empty spaces behind barriers, walls of carriages, trucks, containers or buildings etc.

    The PM-1703T contraband detector is made of body, equipped with handle in which the PM-1401M gamma monitor is attached and with Ba-133 gamma radiation source. The radiation source is so placed and covered, that dose on the surface of the unit is much lower than it is permissible. The emission of quantum in direction of supervised space takes place only during measurement. The radiation source is stable fixed to the body and PM-1401M gamma monitor is not an integral part of PM-1703T. If someone has already got some gamma monitor PM-1401M, it can be used in contraband detector.