Product Profile
RadReflex 2 Portable Contraband Detector

RadReflex 2 Portable Contraband Detector

  • Supplier: S.E.A.
  • Region: Germany
  • Updated: 2013/06/04
Product Specifications
  • * μ-controller-based measuring electronics
    * digital and analogue measuring value information on large-area, backlit graphic LC-display (128 x 64 pixels)
    * menu-guided user interface, comfortable and simple to operate
    * adjustable warning thresholds
    * simple to operate measuring system, 5 function buttons
    * ergonomic housing, handle with wrist loop
    * optimized arrangement of detector and certified radiation source (0.95 MBq Ba-133)
    * radiation source activity below license free usage limit (< 1 MBq)
    * integrated, optimized tungsten shielding
    * battery operation
    * acoustic search funtion can be activated (sound changes depending on backscatter / density)
    * integrated data base with reference values of goods to be checked
    * externally connectable display for use in difficult accessible areas (option)