Product Profile
Xpose Handheld Contraband Detector

Xpose Handheld Contraband Detector

  • Supplier: Sas R & D Services
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/06/04
Product Specifications
  • The Xpose contraband detector is a compact, lightweight, rugged, handheld density meter designed to aid law enforcement officials with the detection of hidden objects.

    Frequently, contraband is covertly hidden in inaccessible areas, such as walls, tires, bulkheads, etc., where direct observation is not possible. Xpose gives an indication of contraband concealed in these locations. It works by measuring changes in density across the target area. Unexpected changes indicate the presence of hidden objects or compartments.

    The ruggedized Xpose unit has been designed with an ergonomic grip, anti-scratch detection surface, integrated safety wrist strap and a large, easy-to-read, illuminated graphical display.

    It is lightweight (more than 30 percent lighter than other contraband detectors) and designed for ambidextrous operation. Xpose has two main modes of operation – Survey, for indication of radiation sources in the vicinity, and Inspect, for contraband detection. Xpose flexible readout options include a wireless remote display for ease of use in tight inspection locations and a USB port for connection with a computer.

    * Large detector for faster response and increased penetration
    * 2.5-inch LCD display with density-time graphing
    * Ergonomic one-hand, onetouch operation
    * USB or wireless connection to remote graphical display
    * 3.5mm stereo headset jack for use in noisy environments or stealth operation.
    * Ruggedized for use in industrial and outdoor environments
    * Lightweight, compact design