Product Profile
Iscon GameChangeIR

Iscon GameChangeIR

  • Supplier: Iscon Video Imaging
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/06/04
Product Specifications
  • The GameChangeIR is a revolutionary new Advanced Imaging Technology system designed to reveal objects hidden under a person's clothing. It provides the ability to search for and detect potential threats and contraband items concealed under an individual's clothing quickly and discreetly without posing health risks, invading privacy or subjecting the individual to a physical pat down. GameChangeIR detects virtually all materials including metal, glass, plastic, liquid and ceramic objects using a patented Thermo Conductive Infrared technique and features excellent image quality. It does not emit any harmful radiation and does not have any privacy issues.

    The GameChangeIR allows quick and efficient inspection of suspicious or sensitive places such as pockets, legs, or inner thighs. The entire system is portable and folds into its own compact suitcase for re-location or other transportation.

    * Radiation free – no health concerns
    * No privacy issues
    * Produces a thermal imprint viewed through a sophisticated Infrared camera
    * Detects virtually all materials
    * Patented technology
    * Replaces invasive ‘pat down' searches
    * High throughput
    * Low operating costs – no consumables
    * Images can be time and date stamped and/or saved for later recall
    * Compact configuration and fast set up for quick change of location
    * Minimal training required