Product Profile
ISM Genesys

ISM Genesys

  • Supplier: Intergrated Security Manufacturing
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2013/06/03
Product Specifications
  • Enter Genesys v2 the culmination of thousands of man-hours, engineering excellence and patent approved application. Genesys is a fully integrated security management system capable of integrating multiple systems. Interoperability is enabled from one holistic platform. Genesys v2 encompasses high levels of functionality, exceptional ease of use, graceful redundancy and advanced alarm handling.

    * Clear and concise easy to navigate graphics and text acknowledgements along with real-time active icons so the user can see the activity of events and actions as and when they happen.
    * Graphic plans in high resolution 2-D or 3-D format so that operators become familiar with the building (s) and locations that are being monitored and/or controlled by Genesys.
    * 3-D model of the site (s) and or location (s) to give the operator an instant overview of all maps available for the system.
    * Highly intuitive software means that full operator training takes two – four hours maximum.
    * A complex log enables the manager/supervisors to produce audit trails and reports.