Product Profile


  • Supplier: DETEXI
  • Region: Canada
  • Updated: 2013/05/30
Product Specifications
  • Once the network cameras (or analog cameras and video encoders) are installed and configured, you can monitor and record video and/or audio from many cameras simultaneously on a local or remote PC via the Internet using the DETEXI software. The DETEXI Network Video Management system is an advanced client/server-based software that provides support for multiple, simultaneous users and thousands of cameras.

    The core of the DETEXI system — Network Video Recorder. The DETEXI NVR supplies the basis for video management, monitoring, analysis, and recording; allows users to, among other things, centrally manage and configure the network video products (network cameras and video servers) to their viewing, recording and security preferences.

    One of the key functions in the DETEXI NVR is recording video, as well as audio. Recording functionalities include setting up the rules of video management and intelligent ways of video recording, live viewing as well as searching for recorded video and exporting video to other systems.

    Intelligent video or video analysis is the process of analyzing video data with the goal of transforming it into actionable information. The NVR software provides the ability to complete different kind of actions at many different stages of video recording and viewing. This allows for immediate response to things that occur.