Product Profile
Checkpoint Merchandise Visibility Solution

Checkpoint Merchandise Visibility Solution

  • Supplier: Checkpoint Systems
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/05/29
Product Specifications
  • Checkpoint's Merchandise Visibility Solution provides retailers with key insights into the location and quantity of all of their merchandise from source to store – integrating RFID at point of manufacture, through logistics and distribution operations and throughout the stores. This high-resolution visibility improves in-store operations, supports defensive inventory practices and ensures merchandise is available for purchase when customers come to shop.

    Checkpoint's advanced capabilities in labeling and RFID technology enable manufacturers to apply RFID tags at the point of manufacture costeffectively. These tags can then be read throughout the supply chain.

    As tagged merchandise passes through an RFIDenabled portal, information about the garment's location is automatically captured, verifi ed against expected quantities and descriptions and integrated with the retailer's inventory management system in real-time. Retailers can also determine exact itemlevel quantities using handheld readers to cyclecount a department or a store in a fraction of the time needed to do a manual or barcode-based count.

    * ROI analysis
    * Initial deployment for justifying value
    * RFID-enabling stores
    * Integrating RFID and EAS
    * RFID-enabling the supply chain