Product Profile
Smiths Detection eqo People Screening Systems

Smiths Detection eqo People Screening Systems

  • Supplier: Smiths Detection
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2013/05/27
Product Specifications
  • eqo is an innovative solution to people screening. Using its unique flat-panel millimetre-wave technology, this body imaging security scanner offers state of the art screening and detection capability within a minimal footprint.

    The 3D scanning system provides a rapid means of detecting concealed threat objects. The automated detection capability dispenses with the need for operators to review a millimetre-wave image, thus providing full privacy for the person being screened. A generic graphical representation of the person is presented to the operator. The system software detects concealed objects and indicated their location with a marker on the appropriate part of the graphical display. This feature both simplifies the scanning procedure and also speeds up the overall process.

    The combination of a small footprint with a configurable panel orientation means the body imaging security scanner can be easily integrated into any current checkpoint configuration.

    The open plan design offers a positive user experience and facilitates ease of communication between the operator and person being screened. The simple operation of the system provides full all round screening ensuring concealed items are easily detected by the system.

    * Automatic detection – full privacy solution
    * Multi material detection; metals, ceramics, plastics, liquids, etc.
    * Operational cost savings – less staffing, infrastructure, training
    * Increased throughput with faster processing time
    * Minimal footprint – allows for easy checkpoint integration