Product Profile
TEB Alpha Dome

TEB Alpha Dome

  • Supplier: TEB
  • Region: France
  • Updated: 2013/05/27
Product Specifications
  • The ALPHA Dome is designed and manufactured in France: its mechanics and design are totally managed by TEB. By choosing the ALPHA Dome brand, you benefit from the best technological quality at the best price.

    The ALPHA Dome, which is modular, flexible and scalable, is a dome platform built around interchangeable modules. It therefore allows you to update a CCTV system to suit your changing needs.

    In order to meet market needs, TEB has developed an ultra compact dome for indoor installations. Its special design allows the dome to be perfectly integrated into its environment. For more customization, the ALPHA Dome comes in different colors to match your interior decoration.

    The ALPHA Dome IP range meets ONVIF (Open Network Interface Forum) and PSIA standards and ensures compatibility with other networked video systems.

    The HD range is available in IP and HDcctv versions. The HDcctv 1080 ALPHA Dome improves the image quality of an existing video installation very easily.