Product Profile
videoNEXT v-MX

videoNEXT v-MX

  • Supplier: videoNEXT Network Solutions
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/05/17
Product Specifications
  • v-MX? is an industry leading, virtual multiplex display system that allows users to display live and archived video on an infinite number of displays. It also contains a single command center to navigate numerous displays. This installation combines a true legacy video wall with multiplex-type functionality within a pure, IP-based environment. v- MX can scale to route and display live video from a wide variety of cameras to a limitless number of video wall configurations in any location. Users can build the v-MX from as simple as a dual monitor terminal up to a massive, multi-display command center video wall with hundreds of cameras. v-MX is a cost effective and compelling solution for videoNEXT clients.

    * Full IP support with multicasting capability
    * Delivers analog look and feel in an IP environment
    * Mission critical Linux or Mac operating system
    * Pure software using Stratus PSIM
    * Scalable output to drive multiple displays
    * Uses all COTS hardware, such as Apple’s Mac Mini
    * No single point of failure, compared to other popular video wall systems
    * DVI support for display at resolutions up to 2560x1600