Product Profile
Sentry View Systems SentrySPEAR

Sentry View Systems SentrySPEAR

  • Supplier: Sentry View Systems
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/05/13
Product Specifications
  • The SentrySPEAR DRSS is a remotely deployable solution for surveillance that can be transported on a standard sized cargo or flatbed truck or trailer.

    The system includes an advanced imaging solution with integrated SentryVCA video content analytics, SentryEDGE IDM video and alarm storage, SentryPOWER AMP?, carbon-fiber telescoping mast, wireless radio remote connectivity and more.

    * Operational temperature range of -40° to +70°C
    * Integrated SentryPOWER AMP
    - Power I/O and battery status monitoring
    - Data reporting via optional webpage/SNMP interface
    - Programmable power relays provide intelligent device control automation capability
    - Contact closure I/O
    * Hybrid power generation with multi-input
    - SentryPOWER PV 250W standard solar panel (500 W optional) 
    - SentryPOWER SVT 500 W wind turbine available as optional, free-standing solution for added power generation 
    - ptional grid/generator power input support (120vac or 240 vac)
    * Available in 2.4 kW·hr or 4.8 kW·hr, low maintenance, durable AGM power storage configurations 
    * NEMA 3R (vented) aluminum enclosure standard; NEMA 4/4X available 
    * Unpainted enclosure is standard; painting options available 
    * Rail support included (19”)