Product Profile
OAT Foundation Suite

OAT Foundation Suite

  • Supplier: OATSystems
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/05/13
Product Specifications
  • The OAT Foundation Suite is a proven middleware platform that provides two-way process integration between enterprise applications and real-time information from Auto-ID, Wi-Fi, RTLS and GPS inputs.

    OAT Foundation Suite software captures and normalizes large volumes of sensor data, adding business context and consistency logic for enterprise applications. This provides an immediate and accurate record of process steps, asset and inventory movements for improving supply chain, manufacturing and service operations.

    * OATxpress- Industrial-strength Auto-ID middleware engine for capturing, validating and adding business context to RFID, Wi-Fi, Barcode, RTLS, GPS, PLC and other sensor data, through built-in integration and process scenarios
    * OATenterprise- Centralized device management, process management and data aggregation for distributed Auto-ID deployments
    * OATaxiom- Enterprise Auto-ID Data Warehouse with robust analytics and reporting
    * OATdevice manager- Support and management of multiple devices including RFID readers, printers, controllers, RTLS systems, sensor and edge devices; for deploying Auto-ID business processes
    * OATdesigner- Graphical design environment for configuring Auto-ID process scenarios