Product Profile
3M Cogent CAFIS Automated Palmprint/Fingerprint Identification System

3M Cogent CAFIS Automated Palmprint/Fingerprint Identification System

  • Supplier: 3M Cogent
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/05/09
Product Specifications
  • 3M Cogent’s Automated Fingerprint and Palm Print Identification System is a multifactor, scalable, and customizable software package that allows you to perform a wide range of tasks for processing, editing, searching, retrieving, and storing fingerprint images and subject records. It includes a variety of automated identification solutions - from a desktop AFIS to distributed networked solutions for local, regional, and national systems. As one of the most accurate systems in the world, CAFIS ensures service resiliency while providing information safety through the use of built-in safeguards such as fault tolerant architechture, disk mirroring, automated database backups, and disaster recovery options.

    3M Cogent is unique among AFIS vendors in that we use non-proprietary NIST record formats for our AFIS database records. As a result, the system can be integrated with external AFIS systems, computerized criminal history systems, LiveScan, handheld wireless devices, secure Web-based Internet solutions, as well as other information systems.

    * Require fingerprint and palmprint matching systems with databases of up to tens of millions of records
    * Need rapid response times
    * Must support from a few to thousands of users
    * Want to include LiveScans and wireless biometric input devices
    * Require integration of existing information systems
    * Need to provide secure Web-based identification services