Product Profile
i3 international Videologix Video analytics

i3 international Videologix Video analytics

  • Supplier: i3 International
  • Region: Canada
  • Updated: 2013/05/07
Product Specifications
  • Videologix uses a video content analysis (VCA) technique and specific filters, such as shadow filters, to detect blobs. Next, the features such as shape, edge, color, direction, and velocity are extracted and used to classify these blobs into the specific categories of human, vehicle, or unknown object. Once this process is complete, the classified objects are tracked under the assumption that the object will retain a similar shape, color, edge, direction and velocity between successive frames. Finally, the predefined events are detected and reported during the object tracking process.

    * Reduces CPU and Memory Usage
    i3DVR uses this technology seamlesly on our Digital Video Management systems without sacrificing stability often associated with high CPU usage. In order to achieve this, Videologix uses YUV rather than RGB color space. Because it uses a color encoding system different from the RGB color space, CPU usage is dramatically decreased. What’s more, hard drive storage is maximized because the technology first identifies the specific objects that need to be recorded rather than recording unnecessary, unthreatening objects or events. This result is an extremely efficient use of hard drive storage.

    * Performs Well in Varying Environments
    The algorithms used by Videologix have been proven effective in a number of different environments. Its background subtraction technique is highly effective even under environment challenges such as movingcameras, shadows, or tree branches.

    * Mimics and Exceeds Monitoring Capabilities of Human Security Guards
    Hiring security guards to watch large amounts of video feeds can be cost-prohibitive and ineffective in that guards can’t always detect security threats on screen. VideoLogix provides an unmatched security solution that never suffers from the fatigue or boredom that often plagues human guards tasked with watching endless hours of video. By doing much of the work of human security guards, Videologix allows the DVMS to monitor a far greater area without the cost and potential lapses associated with guards.

    * Improves Search and Playback Capabilities
    Videologix motion detection technology allows you to limit and qualify the categories of searches you wish to perform. For example, you can specify that you wish to search for a human being only, for automobile only, or specifically for a red or green car. In this way, playback becomes considerably more efficient, and your time and resources can be put to better use.

    * Reduces Number of Faulty Alarms
    False alarms account for a significant percentage of all activated alarm calls, resulting in an unnecessary waste of time and money. For this reason, being able to determine whether something significant is happening is a fundamental benefit of intelligent surveillance. Videologix is a highly intuitive technology that uses false detection algorithms to tell the difference between a branch swaying in the breeze, for example, and a person crossing a secured perimeter. The software actually learns from false alarms, ensuring that the same mistakes are not repeated. As a result, data generated from the system is extremely reliable, boosting your business performance and reducing your overall operating costs.