Product Profile
DIGIOP Video Content Analytics

DIGIOP Video Content Analytics

  • Supplier: DIGIOP Technologies
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/05/07
Product Specifications
  • A DIGIOP VCA solution is high-performance, affordable, scalable and integrates seamlessly with DIGIOP ELEMENTS. Because all DIGIOP Intelligent IP devices are VCA ready, you can build your system for today and easily add intelligence in the future by merely purchasing a license.

    VCA helps you react to situations quickly and efficiently based on your own set of rules. Become proactive in your surveillance needs rather than being reactive to unclassified or false alerts.

    * A real-time behavioral dashboard based on analytic type, time, and zone
    * Instant Alert Notifications Engine based on set rules and permissions associated with analytic detections
    * Increased efficiency in Video Searching with a Filter Engine (filter video by analytic type, zone, object classification and much more)