Product Profile
Bio-key Tru Donor

Bio-key Tru Donor

  • Supplier: BIO-key International
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/05/07
Product Specifications
  • Positively identify blood donors while protecting their privacy and automating your check in process and donor identification. BIO-key TruDonor? biometric identification is a scalable, ID solution that can be integrated into your business applications to deliver superior speed, convenience and accuracy.

    TruDonor Biometric identification is fast and convenient for your donor. By accurately identifying donors without the need for them to produce identification or remember their donor ID numbers, you eliminate the time and errors associated with your staff validating identities and manually entering information into your system.

    Address the privacy concerns of donors, by eliminating the need for them to produce less secure, less convenient identification forms such as, drivers licenses, donor ID cards or remembering a number. The donor simply places their finger on a fingerprint reader to quickly establish their identity. Donor identity is further secured since the fingerprint templates created to establish the identity of the donor are encrypted and cannot be reverse-engineered to re-create the fingerprint, ensuring the highest level of security.

    * Protects donor privacy
    * Improves inventory accuracy
    * Reduces risk of misidentification
    * Eliminates potential for donors to register under multiple identities
    * Streamlines donor check-in, eliminating data entry errors
    * Donor ID information is secure,no fingerprints are stored