Product Profile
GET Group CP500 Card Printer

GET Group CP500 Card Printer

  • Supplier: GET Group
  • Region: United Arabia Emirates (uae)
  • Updated: 2013/05/03
Product Specifications
  • * Dot-by-dot pigment ink technology delivers the highest-resolution image printing in the world with the sharpest detail for easy point-of-use verification and authenticity protection of photo ID cards.
    * 600dpi allows for the printing of micro-text as an added security feature which is part of a total ID card printing solution that cannot be achieved by 300dpi printers.
    * The CP500 plastic card printer produces photo ID cards with the greatest level of resistance to wear and UV fading in the market thus maintaining color and surface integrity over time.
    * The CP500 card printer enables users to personalize contact, contactless, and magnetic stripe ID cards to reduce both cost and complexity, making it the ideal ID card printing solution for a wide range of users.
    * The CP500 photo ID card printer's edge-to-edge printing capabilities maximize visual appeal and create a tamper-evident seal to protect against image or data alteration.
    * Users of the CP500 secure ID card printer can incorporate holograms, barcodes, micro-text, and other features to enhance card security and resist counterfeit production.