Product Profile
Gemalto Government Employee Identification System

Gemalto Government Employee Identification System

  • Supplier: Gemalto
  • Region: Netherlands
  • Updated: 2013/05/03
Product Specifications
  • Reflecting its expertise in smart card technology and government identity programs, especially with the US Government and Department of Defense, Gemalto offers a unique family of products and services that provide comprehensive access control solutions for government organizations. These solutions incorporate Gemalto smart cards and readers that have been certified to meet specific regulatory standards. Gemalto Smart Cards are used as the primary employee identity badge to enable visual identification and to control access to facilities and information systems. Smart card readers provide a secure infrastructure for logical access control. Gemalto deployment services can ease the logistics of issuing smart card-based credentials with turnkey badge personalization and transfer of applications and data to the smart card identity credential.

    * Complies with specific government standards including FIPS 201 and IAS
    * Enhances security for facilities and information systems
    * Maximizes adaptability through broad industry interoperability
    * Streamlines operations through faster and more efficient process for identity validation
    * Reduces operational costs with support for additional security services (e.g., digital signature)
    * Improves productivity and accountability by simplifying access to information systems