Product Profile
UTC Fire & Security - Interlogix TruVision 12/24 IP Channel NVR 40

UTC Fire & Security - Interlogix TruVision 12/24 IP Channel NVR 40

  • Supplier: UTC Fire & Security - Interlogix
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/04/17
Product Specifications
  • The TruVision NVR 40 (TVN 40) is a Network Video Recorder designed exclusively for supporting video streams from IP cameras for live viewing and storage. The recorder seamlessly integrates into GE Nav video management software, giving the ability to blend both IP and analog solutions with TruVision DVRs, SymDec and DVMRe devices.

    The TVN 40 borrows some of the proven hardware and software capabilities of GE Security's UltraView Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) devices to deliver reliable performance at an affordable price. Delivering support for up to 12 or 24 IP video streams, the TVN 40 features 2TB–4TBs of onboard storage in a JBOD configuration.

    Supported IP cameras include GE Security’s IP fixed and PTZ cameras as well as other leading manufacturer models. Enhanced versatility is available for mixed IP and analog applications through the UltraView EVP Encoder 10, a single-channel, H.264 analog encoder. As additional IP cameras are added in GE Nav, they will be supported by the NVR through firmware updates without additional hardware changes.

    Events can be triggered from any of the four onboard alarm inputs, as well as from IP-camera-based activity detection. Dual-streaming IP cameras allow the user to define specific IP streams that can be used for live viewing as well as for continuous or event recording to provide optimized performance.

    * IP Camera Support- 12 or 24 cameras based upon model
    * Third-party IP and megapixel camera support
    * Single- or dual-streaming recording based upon IP camera capabilities
    * Supports UltraView EVP Encoder 10 single-channel H.264 encoder Recording Capabilities
    * 2 or 4TBs of JBOD storage (depending on model)
    * Continuous or scheduled recording modes
    * Event recording based upon native IP camera activity detection or via unit alarm input
    * Video stored in the native IP camera format (no transcoding) Hardware
    * Compact rack mountable - 2 RU
    * Front-accessible network and power connectivity consistent with IT standards
    * 4 onboard alarm inputs