Product Profile
IPVideo C3 Fusion Operation

IPVideo C3 Fusion Operation

  • Supplier: IPVideo Corporation
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/04/09
Product Specifications
  • Unified System Connection Protocol (USCP) is a unique bi-directional messaging system that allows for interface with fusion snap-on connector services completely outside of C3 Fusion’s core software. The connectors provide continuous network integrity testing, and buffering for lossless network fault recovery. Connector Development Kits (CDKs) make USCP available to third party developers.

    Pre-built fusion snap-on connectors integrate subsystems with protocols including SQL polling, TCP/XML, Modbus TCP, Web Services, Hardwired Physical Connections and others.

    Currently supported systems include Integral DVR, Sentry VMS, Optellios Perimeter Protection, Isonas Access Control, Axis Cameras, Continental Access Control, Automatic Ships Radio (AIS), Motorola MotoTrbo Radio, Pulse Radar, and CWFM Radar, Keltron Burglar Alarms and DMP Burglar Alarms

    C3 Fusion provides Real Time Dynamic Allocation of Resources which automatically manages bandwidth utilization to deliver only what the user requests. Network traffic is minimized by dynamic control of video stream resolutions and incoming event filtering at the source.

    Operator’s Workstation Consoles host a collaborative environment where users can respond to alarm events, analyze and share all types of information, communicate with each other, and efficiently resolve security incidents. Shared Alarm lists indicate event ownership and completion with return to queue and automatic escalation. A special passive mode allows operation of video walls with or without a separate wall controller.

    Case Maker presents a linear or logical branched list of predetermined steps, established by your internal policies, that allow operators to effectively deal with any alarms. Case Maker automatically presents alarm-related documentation and provides basic dispatch capabilities as well as capturing all aspects of the resolution for future forensic analysis and evidence.

    Case Explorer provides browser-based forensic tools for single or multi-parameter searches that return case information for analysis and distribution.

    Fusion Simulator provides for scripted sessions that replicate all kinds of test and training scenarios on a system-wide basis.