Product Profile
NEC NeoFace Reveal Facial Recognition

NEC NeoFace Reveal Facial Recognition

  • Supplier: NEC Corporation of America
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/04/09
Product Specifications
  • The amount of mugshot data law enforcement agencies must process from real-time videos, online digital media and hardcopy photographs is growing at a rapid rate. Additionally, suspects cannot always be relied upon to provide their true identities, taxing stretched resources even further. Leveraging face recognition technology to automatically search, process, and match facial images can unlock the information held in large digital mugshot databases to expedite criminal investigations and solve more crimes.

    NEC’s NeoFace Reveal is a latent face workstation providing law enforcement and crime laboratory agencies the ability to enhance poor quality latent face images, search against their mugshot repositories, and locate potential candidates. NeoFace Reveal allows authorities to match facial images against these potential candidates, ranking the database images against the probe image and providing a ranked candidate list. The solution allows operators to easily scroll through and review the candidate list, enabling a quick assessment by skilled experts. Independent testing confirms that NeoFace technology provides the fastest, most accurate matching capability and is the most resistant to variants in ageing, race and pose angle.

    * Facial forensic image processing & matching
    * Powerful image enhancement tools
    * Independently evaluated as the most accurate face recognition solution in the market
    * Innovative multi-touch user interface utilizing Microsoft? Windows? 8
    * Highly scalable for large systems & users
    * Easy integration into existing operational & security processes
    * Support of multiple image & video formats