Product Profile
Viscount Liberty Access Control System

Viscount Liberty Access Control System

  • Supplier: Viscount Systems
  • Region: Canada
  • Updated: 2013/04/08
Product Specifications
  • Liberty is a powerful yet very affordable Access Control solution for medium to small applications. It is deployed within a customers IP network or stand-alone. Liberty provides WEB based Access Control management for up to 12 doors, includes elevator control and emergency mustering. With over 2GB of storage just for users and card numbers the Nano CUBE is much more powerful than the most advanced access control panel. The Liberty Nano CUBE supports Elevator Control and Emergency Mustering.

    Liberty is incredibly simple to install, and to configure. Plug the Nano CUBE into a standard wall socket, connect it to a network through a router or switch. The Nano CUBE will obtain an IP address automatically if it is within a network that supports DHCP. If not, the Nano CUBE will revert to a default IP address. Install the Liberty Bridges and associated door hardware and connect them to the network. Once connected, start up the software on any network connected computer by finding “Liberty” on the list of network devices. Then simply click on “Scan” and the bridges will be found. Use the provided Key Fob and Card to check your installation – these are pre-configured to unlock a door. And then, configure the system for the customer’s specific application. Refer to the “Get Started Guide”

    * Install the Liberty Nano CUBE to Manage a 12 door Access Control System from anywhere
    * Simply plug the Nano CUBE into an AC outlet and connect to the network
    * Connect the Liberty Bridge to the network and attach a card reader… your ready to go
    * Provides Elevator Control
    * Provides Emergency Mustering
    * Supports NFC and QR codes as an alternative to a cards and readers.