Product Profile
MicroPower Helios MPT2720 Wireless Video Hub

MicroPower Helios MPT2720 Wireless Video Hub

  • Supplier: MicroPower Technologies
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/04/03
Product Specifications
  • The MPT2720 is an intelligent central hub which is integral to the Helios Solar Wireless Surveillance System. It receives video and data from one to six MicroPower MPT2520 solar wireless IP cameras and acts as the centralized traffic coordinator between a wired LAN and the camera(s). The Helios system truly eliminates the need for wires for both power and data. The MPT2720 incorporates MicroPower’s TrustLinx? technology, a proprietary protocol which allows for efficient use of video transport, enabling reliable connection, even in heavily congested wireless environments. The MPT2720 operates as a “good citizen” allowing other neighboring wireless systems to continue to be operational even with video transmission occurring nearby.

    The hub includes a directional antenna which is attached via the external antenna bracket. This high-gain antenna distributes wireless signals with superior noise reduction and highly robust transmission. The directional antenna also simplifies signal alignment and enables quick system deployment. Supporting the MicroPower Technologies TrustLinx wireless air interface, the MPT2720 provides control and coordination between all cameras which have been programmed to associate with it. It then presents the cameras as individual devices as TCP ports within the same IP address or as individual video streams. Video is then streamed over the Ethernet port to an industry-standard VMS, resulting in low-risk system integration.

    * Rapid setup and immediate network deployment
    * Secure video streaming
    * Directional antenna provides superior noise reduction and reliable transmission
    * Supports as many as six cameras, with up to three hubs per zone
    * Coexists with other wireless infrastructures
    * Operating range of up to one-half mile
    * Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint operation
    * Proven low-risk integration with industry-standard video management systems