Product Profile
MicroPower Helios MPT2520 Solar Wireless Surveillance System

MicroPower Helios MPT2520 Solar Wireless Surveillance System

  • Supplier: MicroPower Technologies
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/04/03
Product Specifications
  • The MPT2520 is a fully self-contained, solar-powered wireless outdoor video camera which allows for placement practically anywhere because it is not constrained by wires or cables. The MicroPower wireless architecture was designed from the ground up to overcome reliability and video quality issues typical of standard wireless IP camera designs and to operate efficiently under congested wireless environments. These features result in faster deployments and significantly lower installation and acquisition costs over solutions that require trenching, cabling or permitting.

    The camera is powered by an integrated solar cell array that reduces power consumption by as much as 90 percent. Because the camera's solar panels are designed for 20 times the actual camera power consumption, the MPT2520 remains operational even in overcast and inclement weather conditions. An embedded battery allows for continuous operation 24/7/365. Also included is a small auxiliary solar panel which can be placed southward, allowing the camera to be positioned at a wide range of angles to the sun for added deployment flexibility.

    * Requires no cables for data or power with no permitting 
    * Truly wireless video surveillance
    * Reduces power up to 90 percent 
    * Solar powered 24/7/365 operation in low light conditions
    * Secure video streaming
    * Standard and telephoto lens options
    * Coexists with existing wireless infrastructures
    * Operating range of up to one-half mile
    * Weatherproof IP66 construction 
    *  Fast and easy installation
    * Wide dynamic range for superb image quality