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AMAG Javelin S874 Smart Card Reader

AMAG Javelin S874 Smart Card Reader

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Product Specifications
  • The Javelin S874 reads NXP MIFARE, MIFARE Plus, MIFARE DESFire and MIFARE DESFire EV1 smart cards, in addition to PIV, TWIC and FRAC cards.

    The Javelin S874 is designed for use with the Symmetry multiNODE range of controllers and is compatible with all versions of Symmetry software.

    The Javelin S874 uses secure, bi-directional, pseudo-random supervised MCLP communications to the multiNODE controller. Both the card reader and cable are supervised, and an alarm will be generated if the card reader is tampered with or communications lost.

    Wiegand communication is also supported between the card reader and controller.

    * Smart card access control card reader for a wide range of security applications
    * Designed to fit most standard electrical back boxes
    * Reads MIFARE? Classic, MIFARE? Plus, DESFire EV1, PIV, TWIC and FRAC Smartcards
    * Secure, bi-directional, Pseudo-Random supervised MCLP communications
    * Wiegand output
    * Maximum read range of 1” (25mm) dependent on card
    * Integrated Door Pre-held warning buzzer
    * Multi-tone audio sounder for access granted or denied
    * LED feedback for verification of card accepted or rejected
    * Three colour LED alert status indication