Product Profile
3VR VisionPoint VMS

3VR VisionPoint VMS

  • Supplier: 3VR
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/04/18
Product Specifications
  • 3VR VisionPoint VMS is the ultimate solution for forensic search, case management, and business intelligence. Available in both a Standard and Pro version, with an optional enterprise server for large and remote deployments, VisionPoint VMS provides you the tools to gather intelligence from video, speed up searches, and easily develop cases. VisionPoint VMS can be installed on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, on certified partner hardware, and is included on any of 3VR's powerful NVRs. Or, if you prefer to keep your analog cameras while expanding to IP, VisionPoint? VMS is also included on 3VR's S-Series and P-Series hybrid video recorders.

    VisionPoint VMS combines analytics, integrations, video recording, and video storage into a single, intuitive interface, eliminating the need for separate servers or third-party interfaces common to other Video Management Software configurations. Leveraging analytics such as facial surveillance, license plate recognition, advanced object detection, and retail-based analysis with POS, access control, ATM/teller, and other integrated systems, 3VR's Forensic Search is one of the industry's most powerful search engines designed to help save you time and money.

    * VisionPoint VMS Standard supports up to 32 cameras per server.
    * VisionPoint VMS Pro supports up to 128 cameras per server.
    * Mix and match analog, IP, megapixel, and PTZ cameras for maximum flexibility.
    * Digital PTZ for fixed cameras.1 Supports industry-standard audio and video compression formats (MPEG-4, MJPEG,  H.264, AAC, G.711) using VBR or CBR.
    * 3VR's VMS integrates with POS, Access Control, ATM & other external systems. Custom integration and SDK/API available.
    * Create custom user roles and assign password constraints. Active Directory support.
    * Enterprise server available for system expansion. Real-time health monitoring of cameras, network and system with * 3VR's Health Manager.
    * Bandwidth Throttle, Bandwidth Scheduling, and Adaptive Bandwidth for IP control over networks.
    * Virtual Cameras, Camera Stitching, on-Demand recording, Bump-on-Alarm, and pre/post video buffering for powerful camera control.
    * VIDEO INTELLIGENCE Support for optional 3VR Core analytics such as Facial Surveillance or Advanced Object Tracking.
    * Optional Premium analytics include LPR and business intelligence analytics such as People Counting, Dwell, Queue-Line, and Demographics.