Product Profile
SightTracker Automatic PTZ Controller for Target Identification

SightTracker Automatic PTZ Controller for Target Identification

  • Supplier: SightLogix
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/03/22
Product Specifications
  • The SightLogix SightTracker is a GPS-based PTZ controller that automatically positions a PTZ camera to zoom and follow a detected target using the geo-registered target and tracking information provided by Thermal or Visible SightSensors. SightTracker integrates PTZ camera control, real-time GPS coordinate mapping, and video encoding and compression within a ruggedized, NEMA4X enclosure.

    * Automatically positions PTZ cameras to zoom and follow targets that violate policies using their GPS positions as determined by SightSensors
    * Interfaces with PTZ cameras using Pelco?D protocol via a physical EIA RS-422 interface
    * Detected targets and PTZ camera Fields of View are dynamically updated within the SightMonitor? display system’s topology map as the camera zooms or pans
    * Configurable for tracking priority, including first target acquired, newest target, closest target, fastest moving target, and largest target
    * Adjustable optical zoom setting automatically enlarges or reduces target magnification within the field of view
    * A single SightSensor can control multiple SightTracker/PTZ cameras; A single SightTracker can be controlled by multiple SightSensors
    * 10/100 Ethernet with support for satellite, cellular, and full broadband communications; AES 256 bit encryption and SSL protocol
    * Seamless integration with third-party PTZ cameras
    * Ruggedized (NEMA-4X) enclosure; rugged, multi-contact sealed Mil-C electrical connector