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Lenel Prism VMS

Lenel Prism VMS

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Product Specifications
  • Lenel’s Prism is an open IP video management system (VMS) based on an advanced, intuitive and operator-friendly user interface. Offered in three configurations (standard, professional, and enterprise), and available as a standalone VMS or integrated with OnGuard, Prism has the scalability, flexibility and reliability to meet your organization’s evolving video surveillance needs.

    Built using the latest IT and video surveillance industry standards, Prism integrates seamlessly with OnGuard for event-driven monitoring, offering a single point-of-device configuration, event/alarm monitoring & system administration in an integrated video/access deployment. Prism uses the Lenel NVR as it’s primary recording engine for deployment on commercial off-the-shelf hardware or optimized and benchmarked turnkey hardware solutions. The combination of OnGuard, Prism and Lenel NVR deliver the industry’s leading integrated video/access solution. The feature-rich set of tools that maximizes the use of the video workspace, combined with integration with OnGuard, results in fast, high-quality user decisions, reduced training costs, and more efficient use of personnel.

    The release of Prism enables a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) video solution. The tiered pricing ensures a cost-effective entry point for those with small and less-complex environments, with simple incremental upgrades as their system size grows. Another tiered pricing upgrade permits integration with OnGuard to deliver a fully-featured integrated experience. Base system licensing covers unlimited use of client and Lenel NVR recorder software. Camera channel licensing applies to overall system capacities, rather than being tied to specific individual cameras. Existing OnGuard Video Manager Software Upgrade & Support Plans (SUSPs) also apply to Prism without any additional costs. Customers will also continue to have a single source of knowledgeable tech support for access control and video from Lenel.

    * Open platform for full interoperability/integration
    * Video-centric user experience, intuitive UI
    * Mixed live & recorded viewing
    * Fly-in menus and overlays to optimize space
    * Intuitive use of video sequences & timelines
    * Advanced forensics tools for investigations
    * Highly scalable server architecture
    * Single system view of all resources
    * High performance event/alarm brokering
    * Multiple recording options (high availability and value)
    * Extensive support for mixed analog & IP environments
    * Integrated video alarm panel