Product Profile
HRS MTrust Online Identification

HRS MTrust Online Identification

  • Supplier: Human Recognition Systems
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2013/03/14
Product Specifications
  • MTrust is an on-line application, accessible from any internet-enabled device with discrete access portals and associated functionality based on the organisation and user rights.

    Configurable to a range of different application types whether for temporary or full time positions ensuring that the appropriate information is captured for each. The product also integrates with several government and commercial databases to provide fast and accurate identity checks including right to work, references, credit checks and criminal record checks.

    MTrust is available in a Pay-As-You-Go model based on the number of applications and holds all data within our secure ISO 27001 data centre. Through leveraging a cloud based infrastructure MTrust employee records may also be hosted on a secure network. All personal data is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and in compliance with the required industry standards.

    MTrust offers a flexible transparent and affordable identity management platform across multiple sectors including aviation, construction and finance where certainty of staff and customer identity is critical to safe and secure business operational and regulatory compliance.

    * Creates a trusted online ‘Passport to Work' including complete accreditation and background screening records plus full audit history
    * Full integration with access control systems as an individual's identity information and security access rights are linked to their captured biometric
    * Reduced administrative costs through initiating the enrolment process online automating where possible
    Ability to share pre-vetted profiles across accredited organisations subject to an individual's consent and the appropriate permissions
    * Improved security through using biometrics to confirm a person's identity preventing the practice of having multiple false identities using fraudulent documents
    Improved customer service through advanced self-service application visibility, speed of processing and automation
    On-line auditability of identities and identity certainty for corporate and regulatory compliance