Product Profile
Viscount Freedom Encryption Bridge

Viscount Freedom Encryption Bridge

  • Supplier: Viscount Systems
  • Region: Canada
  • Updated: 2013/03/07
Product Specifications
  • It’s simple. Turn any card reader into an IP device by connecting it to a Freedom Encryption Bridge. Card usages are sent as encrypted messages to a local or remote server(s) and control panels are not required. Viscount’s Freedom Encryption Bridges are compatible with wiegand, smart card, and FIPS 201 formats and can read the cards of virtually every access control panel supplier. By upgrading to Freedom Plus you can protect against network failure by having Encryption Bridges communicate with multiple synchronized servers.

    The software component of MESH Freedom is the MESH web browser security operating platform. Unlike control panels, the user database and the door control software is written in IT language located on a server(s), thereby future proofing systems from the traditional issue of proprietary hardware version obsolescence and improving scalability by eliminating the need for additional hardware every time a reader is added to a system. As an IT platform converging IT and physical security databases is highly simplified.

    Each IP bridge includes specialized card access components including reader ports as well as inputs and door outputs. When a card is presented at a reader, the reader sends a message to the bridge that encrypts the message. The encrypted message is sent through the network to a local or remote server for validation and an encrypted message is then sent to the bridge to enable door control. All Freedom bridges use bi-directional AES encryption.

    Each reader bridge comes with 2 inputs and 1 output per reader. The 1 and 2 reader bridges support POE (power over ethernet) with optional 12VDC power and are designed to connect existing card readers to the network either at the door or at the termination point of the existing card reader cabling. In addition to readers, door strikes and exit devices can be powered through POE subject to the limits of POE amperage. Four port card reader bridges are designed for replacing existing door panels hardware at the connection point of the existing hardware or to make more efficient use of existing routers. Four port Bridges do not support POE.