Product Profile
Sorhea G-Fence Shock Detection System

Sorhea G-Fence Shock Detection System

  • Supplier: SORHEA
  • Region: France
  • Updated: 2013/02/23
Product Specifications
  • Shock detection technology is based on vibrations analysis. The system collects information of intrusion by climbing, cutting or tearing of the support.

    In order to detect intrusion attempt, a detector cable is installed on the support (fence or inner wall) to detect every vibration due to cutting climbing or tearing.. The advantage of this kind of technology compared to a detection with microphonic cable, is the simplification of installation and maintenance process.

    G-Fence detects all attempts to cut, climb or tear the fence. G-Fence ignores meteorological (rain, wind), vehicles or electromagnetic field disturbances.

    The sensors are directly integrated to the cable with 3m distance between each other. Each sensor detects movement variation or vibrations of the fence and locates the source with 3m accuracy.

    Each sensor integrated along the G-FENCE cable is equipped with its own signal processing algorithm and communicates with its assigned control unit. Thanks to this distributed intelligence, G-FENCE sensors automatically adapt themselves to the fence they are fixed on

    * Localization of the intrusion and of cut cable to within 3m
    * 3200m of detection per system
    * Solar power supply type SOLARIS
    * Insensitivity to meteorological disturbances
    * Graphic software for configuration of the detection zones : up to 128 zones
    * Installation without civil works