Product Profile
Chinco Alarm Fence Intrusion Detection System

Chinco Alarm Fence Intrusion Detection System

  • Supplier: Chinco Alarm
  • Region: Singapore
  • Updated: 2013/02/23
Product Specifications
  • FIDS (Fence Intrusion Detection System) employs single-mode optical fiber as it sensor, detecting minute movement, vibrations and sounds acting on the cable. The system also delivers truly outstanding level of detection and location combined with one of the lowest nuisance alarm rate.

    The FIDS system (Sensing controller) utilize a laser beam transmitted along the fiber optic cable attached on the fence, and the returned signal is automatically monitored and analyzed for disturbances. Furthermore, the system process the ability of interface and activate CCTV systems, lighting, gates, email, plus a broad range of external devices and systems.

    * Ability to know the exact location where an intrusion occurs and activate specific CCTV imagery
    * Significant up-front cost saving as only one system is required for perimeter up to 80 km long.
    * Lowest ongoing total cost of ownership as there are no electronics in the field, no power in the field, easy and economical to install and expand.
    * Fiber optic is unaffected by RFI, EMI, lighting or storm.