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Zvetco P5000TPM Fingerprint Device

Zvetco P5000TPM Fingerprint Device

  • Supplier: Zvetco Biometrics
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  • Updated: 2013/02/23
Product Specifications
  • The P5000TPM is the newest USB desktop device in the Verifi series of fingerprint readers. It uses the AuthenTec TCS1 sensor, the largest silicon sensor available, to give it the ability to be used in a wide variety of applications.

    With an ability to mount to any flat surface, this standalone USB fingerprint reader is a unique solution for physical access and industrial equipment control applications.

    * High resolution 508 DPI sensor using AuthenTec's patented Active Capacitance Sensing Technology
    * Large 12.8mm X 18.0mm active sensing area
    * Mountable for fixed reader applications
    * USB device for simple "Plug-N-Play" operation
    * Custom logo available
    * Solid aluminum design