Product Profile
Quantum Secure SAFE for Aviation Version 4.5

Quantum Secure SAFE for Aviation Version 4.5

  • Supplier: Quantum Secure
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2018/10/02
Product Specifications
  • An airport physical identity and access management solution that streamlines the complete lifecycle of physical identities (from on-boarding to terminations) and automates related processes. SAFE for Aviation comes with pre-defined policies, workflows and procedures for issuing badge credentials, granting/revoking access to airport facilities while simplifying adherence to TSA and FAA regulations, audits and security directives, thus minimizing insider threats and promoting greater operational security.

    SAFE for Aviation Software Suite promotes complete process automation and includes deeper capabilities for STA/CHRC security checks, audit, compliance, personnel management and flexibility to easily manage badge/access privilege assignment rules. It automates processes for conducting background checks for new airport workers, obtaining security clearances for access to secured locations from the governing bodies like the TSA, creating flexible self-service access rights to allow approved parties to enroll their own employees and subcontractors and grant them physical access rights, and complying with and enforcing security directives like SD-1542-04-08G or SD-1542-04-08F.

    An intuitive Web-based interface delivers broader capabilities for authorized signatories and users, and a new module manages fees and billing to third-party companies. The system integrates with a broad variety of physical access control systems (PACS), HR and information technology systems, and biometric employee databases so as to generate a common workflow and consistent policies across all systems.

    * Richer audit and compliance assurance

    * Holistic process and workflow automation

    * Better Authorized Signatory Portal

    * New Financial Manager Module

    * Auto-identification of mandatory documents

    * Detailed personnel audit reports