Product Profile
Wavestore V5

Wavestore V5

  • Supplier: United Kingdom
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2013/02/18
Product Specifications
  • The WavestoreUSA video management software allows video images to be configured and displayed on a monitor in a large variety of sizes, formats and positions. Recognizing a range of camera resolutions, V5 provides the option to switch from a traditional fixed camera layout, to a free-form structure that enables each operator to configure their own unique display, where the image size, format and location of any number of cameras can be displayed. Thus de-warped images from panoramic and 360 degree cameras can be displayed in the correct aspect ratio, alongside other unique and standard image formats.

    The proprietary de-warping function within WavestoreUSA video management software enables the original 360 degree or fish eye image from a wide range of 360 camera technologies to be recorded and specific areas of interest to be dynamically selected and viewed as events require. Recording original images ensures that specific video data can be presented and verified in a court of law.

    * De-warping of 360 degree camera images
    * Free-form display of multiple images
    * Simultaneous display of live and archive images
    * Rapid search function using logarithmic control
    * Simple video clip export
    * Metadata tracking support to events and alarms
    * Interactive Maps
    * Image Authentication
    * SNMP monitoring