Product Profile
ACT ACTpro Enterprise

ACT ACTpro Enterprise

  • Supplier: Access Control Technology
  • Region: Ireland Rep.
  • Updated: 2013/02/05
Product Specifications
  • ACTpro Enterprise, for use with the ACTpro range of door controllers and card readers. Enterprise is a role based platform designed and built to meet the requirements of increasingly complex access control solutions where regular traffic places heavy demands on software. ACTpro Enterprise delivers 3 modules with the functionality based on the role of the user.

    * ACT Install - Used by the installer to set up the controllers, readers and user profiles.
    * ACT Monitor - For the security guard to view and manage alarm events and to check / change the status of doors.
    * ACT Manage - Used by system administrators to facilitate the many database changes required on a day to day basis in busy environments.